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OFRC Store


In 1957 my grandparents bought a cabin in Odd Fellows Recreation Club (OFRC). My family has been connected to OFRC for as long as I can remember. I have spent many summers at OFRC with my grandparents and now my children are enjoying that same experience. Whenever I drive through the gate and smell the redwood trees I feel like I am coming home. I have many memories of Labor Day picnics, Fourth of July parades, cake walks, shuffleboard, building sandcastles on hot hill, dancing the night away in the center, stage shows, and playing at Piggy Park. I know I share these memories with all who are connected to the park as my family is.

At the heart of this wonderful place sits the OFRC café/store.  I remember my first summer job was working at the OFRC store.  I learned so much working there such as how to make an old fashioned ice cream soda and how to flip burgers with the best of them.  Every customer that came through the door felt like my extended family.  OFRC is a warm, welcoming place where no one is a stranger and the OFRC store is where everyone gathers during the summer months.

I am deeply saddened at the news of the devastating fire at the store that took place this week.  This amazing gathering place, for food, drinks and family fun is now gone.  My wish is that we work together to restore this wonderful gathering place for families, friends and guests and return the OFRC café/store to its official place in our hearts at the heart of OFRC.  Please donate what you can today.

Tina Lau & Laurie Crum

OFRC Store Burned


This fundraiser is being conducted by the Santa Rosa Odd Fellows to benefit Odd Fellows Recreation Club. If you would like to support our efforts but would like to do so directly, please send your donation to Odd Fellows Recreation Club 13500 Riverside Drive, Guerneville, CA. 95446. Please notate “Fire Donation” in the memo line of your check. Your donation is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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